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"He knows the country, he knows the history and he knows the people. You will not find a more knowledgable, professional or personable guide than Brigadier Johnny Rickett. Do yourself a favour and book a tour with him as soon as you can. You will be gad you did. "

Battlefields Direct is for groups who would like a customised tour of the 1st and 2nd World War battlefields of Europe.

With your expert guide Brigadier Johnny Rickett you'll not only see the battlefields and hear the history but more importantly the stories behind them. You will learn how the battles unfolded directly from someone with unique military experience.

Whether you have just one day, a weekend or a whole week, we can help plan your visit and tailor the experience to meet your particular interests and requirements.

Travelling together in a small group allows for flexibility and spontaneity not offered by larger, centrally organised tours and indeed many places we visit are not on the itinerary of most companies.

From children to the less mobile and everyone in between, let Battlefields Direct be your guide to revealing the fascinating events and engaging history of WW1 and WW2 battlefields.

We just completed a group D Day tour with Brigadier Johnny Rickett, which was, to steal a phrase from him, smashing! His many years of military service has provided him with a depth of knowledge that few others can match. He was able to clearly explain the high level strategic story while also providing us with stories of individual soldiers on the front lines. In addition, from having lived in France for severak years, Brigadier Rickett was able to take us to places that few other visitors see. Johnny was available to answer questions and of course as “the senior officer” in our group he was constantly checking to ensure that group morale was always high.

Exhilarating.... You are thrust into "Operation Overlord" as though you were a part of the Allied Army landing forces. As you traverse the cliffs, hills, fields, draws, and beaches of Normandy, you are brought to an understanding of the battle in military, human, and historical terms. At sunset as the colors are lowered and the last light of the day reflects upon the monuments to the fallen heroes, you shall forever carry in your heart a lasting understanding of the conflict. Thank you Johnny !!!!!
Tom and Gay Ross, South Carolina

I was completely riveted by the construction of the Maginot Line and we couldn’t have had a better trip. You made it all so fascinating even for us ladies.   Ellen Williams-Bulkeley, Anglesey, North Wales

He had the day well organized and valuable time was spent visiting many of the bunkers and out of the way places, while all the time he was explaining the tactics of the Germans and the invasion strategy of the Allied Forces.... I consider his tours the very best way to study the military campaigns in Europe. Ed and Carol Milner, Louisana, USA.

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"Today you must do more than is required of you, never think that you have done enough or that your job is finished.
There is always something else that can be done to ensure victory. You cannot let others be responsible for getting you started,
you must be a self starter. You must possess the spark of initial initiative that sets apart the leader from the lead.
Self motivation is the key to being one step ahead of everyone else and standing head & shoulders above the crowd.
Once you get going - don't stop, always be looking for the chance to do something better, never stop trying.
Fill yourself with the warrior spirit - SEND THAT WARRIOR INTO ACTION."
General Patton - Commanding General US Seventh Army

"I would rather have a plain russet-coated captain that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows,
than that which you call "a gentleman" and is nothing else"
Oliver Cromwell

"The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more"

"Managers are necessary but leaders are essential"
Field Marshal Bill Slim